Purpose of the Agreement

Client wishes to hire Matrix Graphics Co. to provide services relating to Client’s as detailed in this Agreement. Provider has agreed to provide such services according to the terms of this Agreement. Instructions



- Please send all available reference images that will be useful for the logo illustrations or designs Terms



Provider agrees they will remain the sole administrator for the term of this project. All work will remain unique, original, and free of any plagiarism unless the client or project provider is the source of the said material for the provider and its designers to use for the project.


* If the scope of work changes during the project’s completion additional costs may be incurred. will submit any price changes to the Client prior to beginning such tasks.



* If the client is not satisfied during the draft or design process, the client is subject to only receiving 50% of the full original payment. The Client agrees that the initial draft stages, commencing after the order is initially placed and invoiced, will incur a non-refundable fifty percent of the full LOGO creations cost of their unique order.


* The Designer agrees to protect all the information and keep any information obtained confidentially by the client if the said client chose to do so.


*Matrix Graphics Designs will be permitted to display final work on their website or in promotional materials unless the logo illustration is declared by the client as confidential.



* 'Drafting stage', from the first draft received by the client after processing clients' preliminary instructions, materials, and ideas.



* Client is entitled to receive graphic design support. Concurrently, as long as the artist is deemed following the client's instructions, and can propose completion of the 'Drafting Stage'.



*Client is entitled to 'Drafting Stage' satisfaction and can propose as many changes, additions, or new creations up to a certain number of revisions.



*If the artist follows the exact instructions during drafting but the client reached the maximum number of drafts from the artist, the client is subject to extra charges incurred for the complete fulfillment of the order.


* We only start the completion of a Logo illustration or design once the draft is approved


* During the actual logo process, as long as the artist follows the exact instructions there will be a maximum of minor revisions and only some major revisions. If the client requires further revisions, the client will be subject to extra charges with prior notice.


* If a project is canceled or postponed by the client after the concept or drafts were approved at least once, Matrix Graphics Design retains the right to maintain all paid amounts for the project. Services



The Client is entering into this agreement to receive expertise and guidance on the new creation of a LOGO Design. Deliverables expected by the client are as follows: Design Process, LOGO, LOGO Electronic Formats. The Client will work with a designer to brainstorm, draw, and create a new logo design.